Meet Your Enrollment Team

Welcome to Huron Valley PACE! From your initial inquiry to your enrollment and beyond, our team is here to ensure both your transition to PACE and experience as a participant are as seamless as possible.



Marketing Manager

Lindsay is responsible for marketing, advertising and promoting PACE. A vital part of her role is educating both health care professionals and the public about the services that PACE offers. She is passionate about seniors and what PACE can do to help enhance their quality of life.

In her free time, she enjoys CrossFit along with a wide variety of physical activities. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, Enzo and Skyline.



Enrollment Coordinator

Tina assists in helping older adults and their families to decide what comes next in their healthcare and determine if they are eligible for PACE services.

During an assessment in the person’s home, Tina will discuss insurances, advanced directives, housing and other topics about aging. If PACE seems like a good fit, she then coordinates the assessment process with PACE staff and apply for insurances, including Medicaid, as needed. Tina assists the participant until they are settled in with the excellent Personal Care Team at PACE on the first day of their enrollment. Then she's off to find the next person who needs Huron Valley PACE!  

In her free time, Tina loves to host giant dinner parties - very little makes her happier than having friends and family crowded into our house with good food and good conversation all around! She also enjoys making comforting family recipes, like her grandma’s potato salad, her mom’s chicken pot pie, or that blackberry cobbler her dad loves so much.



Enrollment & Medicaid Specialist

As part of the Outreach and Enrollment Department, Heather travels to potential PACE participant's homes to do an initial intake assessment and gather financial and insurance documentation for Medicaid purposes. If the individual meets all four of the eligibility criteria, she then schedules them for a pre-enrollment visit to PACE.

Heather is also responsible for maintaining each of PACE’s current participants Medicaid and Food Stamp benefits. She communicates with the participant and/or their caregiver about the documentation needed each year at redetermination time along with the required documents for DHHS for this process.

In her free time, Heather enjoys making memories with her family and cheering on her children on as they accomplish milestones. She also enjoys the laughter and silliness of family game nights.  Very dear to her heart, Heather loves spending quality time with her parents and making sure her children have a multitude of memories with them.



Home Assessment Coordinator

Sara visits participants in their homes to make sure that they are receiving the services that they need to continue living in their homes safely. These visits start with a pre-enrollment visit to assess the safety of each living situation and occur on a regular basis every six months after someone is enrolled in the program. A home visit may also occur when a request for services is made or a safety concern is noted.

In her free-time, Sarah enjoys dancing. For the past 15 years, Sara and her husband have enjoyed ballroom and swing dance, participating in dances and dance clubs.

Linda Edited.JPEG


Outreach Specialist

Linda helps to provide support and guidance for pre-enrollees and new participants and their families.  She ensures that the participants' needs and concerns are addressed.

In her free time, Linda most enjoys being a mother.  When she gets home from work, she has "girl talk" with her daughters - they talk about anything and everything and have lots of laughs!

Nacole WIlliams Headshot.png


Nacole travels to potential participants homes to complete initial intake assessments along with annual assessments for current participants.

Nacole has over 15 years of direct care experience, including providing care as a CNA. Nacole obtained her LPN from the Professional Skills Institute and continued her education to complete the RN program at Hondros College of Nursing. Nacole is also certified as a Dementia Communication Relationship Specialist.

Aerica Swanson


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